About Us


All activities at Oncrete are guided by the sole objective of strengthening related services in the building and engineering construction industry.

Oncrete is committed to the following objectives:

  • To secure for its members all advantages of unanimity of action.
  • To promote and encourage uniformity in the customs and practices of the industry in order to promote just and honorable business conduct and practices so as to discourage malpractices.
  • To promote the means and measures that maintain and improve the standards of the industry while enhancing the status of its members.

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Our Priorities


Keeping people safe is our absolute priority!

A business that depends on its people must keep them safe and ensure their wellbeing.
Providing safe and healthy workplaces is a core value for us.
Our commitment to safety is an approach that makes safety simple to understand, more relevant to people’s day-to-day actions and more effective in the field.

It clearly outlines and sets our core expectations for everyone, regardless of their role or location, including our supply chain partners.


Creating resilient places and positive legacies!

Sustainability is about meeting the needs of today without compromising the future.
For Oncrete, sustainability is about ensuring the long-term success of our projects, people, communities and ecosystems by integrating environmental, social, economic and governance factors into our decision making.
Working closely with our clients and partners, our projects connect communities, play a role in urban and rural development, and help drive economic growth.


Leaving positive environmental legacies!

We understand that effective environmental management is an ethical and commercial imperative.

Whether delivering city-shaping projects or supporting the growth of regional areas, we are committed to sustaining the environments where we operate.

Our environmental plans are developed at the planning phase of each project and enacted throughout the project lifecycle to help preserve and protect the environment.